Max Capacity: lbs
*depending on temperature and usage
SOLID PERFORMANCE No need to sacrifice performance for reduced maintenance. WATER LESS® provides the full performance of a flooded battery. Full Capacity: The WATER LESS® battery offers full 85, 100, and 125 AH capacities. Long Life: The WATER LESS® battery maintains an estimated cycle life of 1,500 2,000 cycles, based on one cycle per day and 80% DoD. Application: The WATER LESS® battery can be used in medium and heavy applications WATER LESS ® AT A GLANCE A powerful solution, WATER LESS® batteries:
  • Save maintenance dollars Deliver full capacity and performance
  • Do not require a special charger
  • Do not require additional counterweight Can be maintained on a quarterly PM program
WATER LESS ® COST COMPARISON Let’s compare the WATER LESS® battery to both standard flooded batteries and to valve-regulated batteries. If you’re concerned about the Annual Cost of Ownership (watering and maintenance expenses as well as the initial investment cost), the WATER LESS® battery is the clear choice. Compared to standard flooded batteries, WATER LESS® saves you time and money. Watering only 4 to 6 times per year,* instead of weekly, can save 90% or more of your watering expense. And less watering means fewer problems caused by over/under watering. Compared to valve-regulated batteries, WATER LESS® is not only more economical to own, but also delivers more capacity and longer life.  
Hawker Water Less Battery

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