Max Capacity: 4000 lbs
Power: Electric
Full-Freezer Package For applications that require the truck to be used in extremely cold conditions, a full freezer package is available. This includes a high-capacity battery, an engine block heater, a battery cover and a cab heater. Tire Inflation System A tire inflation system is available for Raymond stand-up counterbalanced trucks. The system includes an air compressor, air tank, air hoses and fittings, and a pressure sensor with an indicator light on the operator compartment dashboard.
The Smooth Road to Productivity.
The Raymond stand-up counterbalanced trucks are multi-purpose vehicles designed to work alone or with other systems as part of a total materiel handling solution. The trucks are idea for jobs that require maneuverability-like dock operations, transport, put away or supplying rack vehicles. They are designed with Raymond’s exclusive ComfortStance suspension system and perform each task with speed, power, and efficiency. And each truck is built with Raymond’s ACR system and delivers a powerful AC drive and lift that reduces downtime and increases your warehouse productivity. This technology helps you run a faster and smoother operation while increasing operator confidence and lowering your total cost of ownership.
Bulk Storage Raymond offers a wide range of forklift trucks that efficiently maneuver through bulk storage areas. With hundreds of combinations of heights, capacities and features as well as a great range of operational applications, Raymond stand-up fork trucks can meet your bulk storage needs, no matter how specialized. Cold Storage Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions, to test and prove our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing. Specialty Rack Raymond counterbalanced forklift trucks can interface with every industry-standard warehouse rack. If you have selective, drive-in/drive-thru, cantilever, pallet flow or push-back racks, Raymond has a solution that will help maximize your storage capacity and productivity. Truck Loading and Unloading Improve your dock operation productivity with Raymond stand up counterbalanced trucks. Counterbalanced trucks are ideal for operations that require breakdown of pallets removed from trailers, long runs to P&D stations or a combination of both. Raymond lift trucks offer a wide variety of operating positions that are engineered to enhance driver comfort and reduce fatigue for this specific application.
Optional Additional Features:
Mini Mast With an overall collapsed height of just 55″, the Mini Mast option offers a wide-open view for fast and confident travel. Ideal for trailer access and cross-docking, this configuration offers excellent visibility for more precise pallet engagement. Virtual Reality Simulator Exclusive teaching tool that puts forklift operators on an actual counterbalanced truck in the most realistic virtual warehouse to improve skills, confidence, efficiency and retention. Eliminates the need for large dedicated training areas. Audible Alarm Depending on operating environment ambient noise levels, an alarm may help to increase recognition of a forklift by pedestrians and operators of other trucks in the warehouse. The high-pitched alarm automatically activates when the operator places the truck in the designated travel mode. ComfortStance Suspension Improves operator comfort by isolating the operator from impact with suspension design and a cushioned floor mat. ComfortStance adapts automatically to each operator’s weight to deliver a smooth ride over dock level transitions and uneven floors. Operator Compartment Sensor System The Operator Compartment Sensor System (OCSS) is designed as a training aid to encourage proper operating procedures. Two light sensors, mounted in a sturdy housing, span the entry to the operator compartment. When blocked, a tone sounds and a message scrolls on the dashboard operator display. When the truck is stationary, it will not travel if the sensor is blocked or interrupted. Work Lights Optional work lights may reduce operator eye strain and increase productivity. The lights are individually adjustable by the operator to the application requirements.

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Raymond 415-C40TT

Price: $25838.00
Make: Raymond
Model: 415-C40TT
Capacity: 4000
Fuel: 36V
Hours: TBD
Year: 2011
S/N: 415-11-31450

Raymond 415-C35TT

Price: $21801.00
Make: Raymond
Model: 415-C35TT
Capacity: 3500
Fuel: 36V
Hours: 8463
Year: 2011
S/N: 415-11-30788
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