Pallet Jack

Powered by Lithium-Ion

A Reliable Workhorse. Powered by Lithium

The Raymond 8250 walkie pallet jack, powered by lithium-ion, is a reliable workhorse delivering increased power capabilities and efficiencies so that you can run longer, recharge quicker and move more pallets. A 2″ reduced head length allows for greater maneuverability in tight spaces. And, maintenance is reduced with a truck that is durably designed with a battery that doesn’t need servicing.


Engineered around a proven and powerful Raymond built lithium-ion battery, the 8250 Walkie Pallet truck lets you run longer, recharge quicker, and move more pallets-every shift, every day. Intelligently and durably designed, the truck delivers smooth, controlled operation, greater maneuverability and exceptional reliability.

Long-lasting and fast-charging, the lithium power eliminated the need to buy or store spare batteries for dramatic cost savings. Robust and efficient, the technology reflects Raymond’s commitment to alternative energy solutions that can enhance efficiency and productivity in our customers’ demanding applications.


Cold Storage

Protects sensitive lift truck control systems with hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components that are matched to different temperature levels.

UL EE Label

This lift truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond Type E and EE trucks are UL-tested and UL-certified and designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 505.

Processing Applications

Raymond offers Extreme Environment Corrosion Protection with hot-dip galvanization on the 8210 electric walkie pallet truck to protect trucks used in wet, caustic and briny applications from moisture and to flush contaminants.

Dock and Delivery

The Raymond 8210 walkie pallet truck is ideal for use on-board delivery trucks. This compact AC-powered walkie is exceptionally maneuverable and allows pin wheeling in trailers for maximum cube.

Optional Additional Features:

2 CMA Battery Option

+ 156 amp hour, 24V lithium-ion
+ Run Time: 6-8 hours (consecutive)
+ Recharging Time: 6 hours (0-100% SOC)

Cold Storage Conditioning

All temperature hydraulics, transmission oils and temperature sensing components protect control systems — assuring peak performance and productivity, while stainless steel undercarriage pins protect from corrosion and rust.

Accessory Bar

Interfaces with RAM-mounted accessories to put additional operator tools at their fingertips; available with optional work light and fan.

Pin Code Pad

The optional personal identification number (PIN) code pad provides password protection for additional security. Store up to 10 different passwords to prevent unauthorized operation.

Large Storage Tote

The optional tote helps to keep work tools organized and at your operators fingertips for added convenience and productivity throughout the shift.

Extreme Environment Protection

Hot-dip galvanization and electronics coatings protect components and extends the life of the truck in wet, corrosive environments. Ideal for processing applications or other environments subject to harsh conditions or frequent wash-downs.

Purkeys Trailer Auxiliary Power System

Ideal for over-the-road applications, converting DC power to AC power, it can be installed into commercial trailers allowing drivers to plug in and charge their electric pallet jack in between deliveries, during transport, to ensure it is ready for use at every stop.


24V (26 Nominal) Lithium-ion, 78 amp hour

Battery Compartment

5.8" battery compartment

Capacity (lbs)


Power System

AC Traction Control



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