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Easy Rider Designed to Perform

The Raymond 8510 rider pallet jack delivers outstanding operator comfort and control and optimum performance for heavy-duty order picking applications and long distance horizontal transport tasks. And, with advanced engineering and the ACR System, it also uses less energy for a lower cost of operation.

Getting The Job Done Right.

We’re all expected to make more out of less. Move more pallets in less time. And even do more work with less resources.

With labor making up 72% of the cost of owning a lift truck, you need a solution that optimizes your current workforce and resources. That’s why Raymond’s 8000 Series pallet trucks are designed to hit the ground running. It’s why we make trucks that move more pallets per hour. Deliver dramatically lower maintenance costs and superior energy efficiency. And never compromise on reliability and durability. Because we understand the cost of doing business. And because we know how to help you get the most out of your resources.


Cold Storage Environments 

Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions — to test and prove our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.

Horizontal Transport

Applications should not burden a truck with extensive capability to only transport horizontally. Pallet jacks are a cost-effective method for horizontal transport where stacking is not required. Pallet trucks offer order picking functionality, are available in various fork lengths to maximize productivity, and offer a wide variety of operating positions to enhance operator comfort and minimize fatigue.

Low Level Order Picking

Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high-performance Raymond electric pallet jacks. We can customize our vast selection of pallet trucks, including fork length, width and a variety of options, to enhance efficiency in order picking applications. Let us customize a solution for you — from low and floor-level rider pallet trucks for order picking and truck loading and virtually everything in between.

UL EE Applications

This lift truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond Type E and EE trucks are UL-tested and UL-certified and designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 505.

Optional Additional Features:

Virtual Realty Simulator

Exclusive teaching tool that puts forklift operators on an actual pallet truck in the most realistic virtual warehouse to improve skills, confidence, efficiency and retention. Eliminates the need for large dedicated training areas.

Pick2Pallet LED Light System

Increase picking accuracy with the Pick2Pallet™ LED Light System. Offered exclusively by Raymond, Pick2Pallet is designed to help reduce picking errors by using LED technology to visually reinforce product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications.

Heavy-Duty Bumper Guard

The optional heavy-duty bumper guard is steel-reinforced with a rubber core to absorb impacts to further minimize damage to the truck and components.

Heavy-Duty Casters

Ensure superior load handling and provide additional ride comfort. Standard on forks 84″ and longer.

Rear Controls

Easily accessed on the operator backrest, and ergonomically contoured to enhance operator productivity when traveling in the forks first direction.

Premium Control Handle

The height adjustable handle swings out to either side of the truck, positioning the operator further from the truck for convenient, low-level, walk-beside order picking. A handy jog button in the handle enables the operator to walk comfortably alongside while order picking.

Storage Tote Accessory Bar

The optional large storage tote helps to keep work tools organized and at operators’ fingertips for added convenience and productivity throughout the shift. The Accessory Bar interfaces with RAM-mounted accessories to put additional tools at the operators’ fingertips; available with optional work light and fan.

Operator Compartment Sensor System (OCSS)

The Operator Compartment Sensor System (OCSS) helps reinforce the need for operators to assume and maintain a proper operating position. Different configuration settings are available depending on the task at hand. For example, the OCSS will restrict travel if an operator has not assumed the proper riding operating position or is not alternatively configured so that the operator may assume either the order picking position outside of the truck or in the riding position.


24 Volt

Capacity (lbs)

6000, 8000

Fork Length

Available in multiple lengths and widths

Loaded Travel Speed (mph)

6.25, 6.2

Unloaded Travel Speed (mph)




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