Long Load Handling

Versatile, Heavy-Duty Long Load Handling

The Raymond 9400 Sideloader truck is engineered to handle long, bulky loads with ease in narrow aisle storage and tight areas. It’s ideal for handling long or bulky loads such as steel, bar stock, tubing, laminates, lumber or plywood – with stacking capabilities up to 30 feet high. Highly maneuverable and versatile, Raymond Sideloader long load forklifts make light work of your cumbersome loads.

9300/9400 Side Loaders

The Models 9300 and 9400 sideloader lift trucks make short work of long and bulky loads with high-lift capability and exceptional maneuvering. With a robust 6,000-lb., 10,000-lb., or 12,000-lb. capacity and load handling up to 26 feet long, Raymond ® sideloaders are versatile for a wide range of essential tasks, and can help you to more efficiently reach greater heights in your narrowest aisles.

With our exclusive ACR System™, the Models 9300 and 9400 sideloaders deliver faster travel speeds, quick acceleration, more uptime, fewer battery changes and lower maintenance costs, for greater productivity and a lower total cost of ownership. And with operator-friendly features like power steering, precision fork tilt, variable speed lift-lower control and crab steering, you can count on Raymond sideloaders to provide enhanced productivity and operator comfort throughout the shift.

The Models 9300 and 9400 sideloaders excel at transporting, rack storage, feeding machine tools and work cells, and moving materials like bar stock, tubing, laminates and plywood sheets in very narrow aisles and stacking up to 30 feet high.


Long Load Handling

Whether you are handling furniture, bar stock, tubing, lumber or other long and bulky loads, Raymond Sideloader long load forklifts can increase your storage space by up to 40%. With a wide range of trucks built for specific Long Load Handling needs, it’s easy to maximize your space utilization and productivity with Raymond.

Specialty Racks

Sideloader lift trucks can interface with Cantilever warehouse racks. It’s another Raymond solution that will help maximize your storage capacity and productivity.

Palletless Handling

Whether you are moving furniture, cartons or other palletless loads, Raymond has the answer. Our 5000 Series Orderpickers are all ideal options to maximize space utilization, decrease damage to inventory and increase productivity with palletless handling.


Raymond Order Pickers comply with Underwriters Labratories (UL) 583. Raymond® Type E and EE trucks are designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in NFPA 505. Type E and EE products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Narrow Aisle Storage

Raymond introduced the first electric narrow aisle straddle truck in 1951, revolutionizing the material handling industry. With over 200 combinations of heights, features and capacities, Raymond sideloader trucks provide narrow aisle storage and offer superior versatility and long load handling solutions, each improving the utilization of your warehouse space.

UL EE Construction

This lift truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond® Type E and EE trucks are designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in NFPA 505. Type E and EE products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Optional Additional Features:

Adjustable Forks

Optional Hydraulic Adjustable Forks allow the operator to easily adjust the overall width of the forks from 15 inches to 46 inches in order to move and store loads of various widths quickly and easily.

Auxiliary Fork Carriage

Long, flexible loads needing additional support can be easily handled with the Auxiliary Fork Carriage option. This configuration provides two extra forks to handle the load; when not needed, the extra forks simply fold up and out of the way.

Bed Length

Select from bed lengths in widths ranging from 51 inches to 60 inches to support a longer load as needed in your application.

Double Rail Rollers

This rail guidance configuration relieves the operator of steering duties in narrow aisles, improving productivity by allowing operators to fully focus on selecting the next load.

Auto-Locking Pallet Clamp

To improve productivity, our special auto-locking pallet clamp accommodates pallet stringers ranging from 1.25″ to 5″. So your operations can handle virtually any pallet in the building.

Work Lights

Optional work lights help to provide proper lighting for the work area and task at hand. Travel lights enhance operator visibility by illuminating the travel path. Warning, flashing or rotating lights are available in various colors for use in areas with high pedestrian activity.


48 Volt

Capacity (lbs)


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