Tow Tractor

A Dependable Tractor That Keeps On Towing

This sturdy workhorse is designed to tow carts for batch order picking and horizontal transport. With durable construction and our energy efficient ACR System, the 8610 Tow Tractor is engineered to handle high volume transport and order picking tasks with ease. The height-adjustable handle and standard PowerSteer puts the operator in control in our comfortable compartment.

Tow Tractor

Part of running a successful warehouse is managing just-in-time delivery of inventory to production lines and overseeing the batch picking of product to carts. To get the most out these operations, warehouse managers trust the Raymond ® Model 8610 tow tractor.

Designed as a heavy-duty, high-capacity tugger for horizontal transport and batch picking, the Model 8610 tow tractor maximizes efficiency with Raymond’s exclusive ACR System™ for longer battery life, more precise speed control, less downtime and a lower cost of ownership. The Model 8610 requires fewer battery changes, so you move more per shift. It all adds up to greater productivity, so you can move more for less. We call it Eco-Performance. You’ll call it performance without compromise.

The Raymond Model 8610 tow tractor is a workhorse that delivers. It is ideal in heavy-duty, high throughput applications with a 10,000 lb. capacity to meet your applications toughest demands.


Horizontal Transport

Applications should not burden a truck with extensive capability to only transport horizontally. In batch picking and cart towing applications, Raymond tow tractors are a cost effective method for horizontal transport where stacking is not required. Tow tractors offer order picking functionality, and are available with various tow hitch configurations to maximize productivity, and offer a wide variety of operating positions to enhance operator comfort and minimize fatigue.

Low Level Order Picking

Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high performance Raymond tow tractors. We can customize our vast selection of lift trucks to enhance efficiency in order picking applications.

Cold Storage Environments

Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions; testing and proving our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.

UL EE Applications

This lift truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond Type E and EE trucks are designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in NFPA 505. Type E and EE products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Optional Additional Features:

Virtual Reality Simulator

Exclusive teaching tool that puts forklift operators on an actual tow tractor in the most realistic virtual warehouse to improve skills, confidence, efficiency and retention. Eliminates the need for large dedicated training areas.

Pin & Clevis Tow Hitch 

This heavy-duty hitch option is designed to interface with tow carts using eye-hitch types.

Automatic Coupler Tow Hitch

Save time connecting or disconnecting carts or trailers with this spring-loaded jaw hitch. It automatically closes when the ring on the trailer is pulled into the hitch.

Heavy Duty Bumper Guard

The optional heavy-duty bumper guard adds another level of protection to the already durable front-end.

Auto-Locking Pallet Clamp

To improve productivity, our special auto-locking pallet clamp accommodates pallet stringers ranging from 1.25″ to 5″. So your operations can handle virtually any pallet in the building.

Accessory Bar

Interfaces with RAM-mounted accessories to put additional operator tools at their fingertips; available with optional work light and fan.

Smoothy Tires

Smoothy tires hold a tighter tolerance for “roundness” – providing a more comfortable ride for operators and less vibration. Smoothy tires are also beneficial in applications where heat buildup or tire flat-spotting may be a concern.

Storage Tote

The optional large storage tray helps to keep work tools organized and at your operators fingertips for added convenience and productivity throughout the shift.


24 Volt

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