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Forklift batteries are available from Welch Equipment for nearly all types of lift trucks and manufacturers. We also provide cutting-edge chargers and a wide range of battery handling equipment to keep your business running smoothly.

Lead Acid Batteries

In most material handling operations, lead acid batteries are still the standard. While innovations such as valve regulation have greatly improved battery safety and life, these batteries continue to operate in the same manner as they have for decades.

Although lead acid batteries have a lower energy density than higher-tech alternatives, they have the ability to maintain a constant voltage as they deplete, can operate in a wide range of temperatures, and can be charged and discharged repeatedly over hundreds of cycles.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than standard lead-acid batteries, but they are ideal for certain applications. They can withstand extremely cold temperatures, making them ideal for cold storage. They’re also ideal for multi-shift operations because they charge up to eight times faster and consume 30% less energy than lead acid batteries.

Battery Chargers

Raymond provides both new and used industrial battery chargers for all kinds of uses from single shift, standard use facilities to twenty four hour, intensive use operations. Ask us about our charger and battery lease and rental programs.

Battery Handling Equipment

Battery service and maintenance have a direct impact on their life expectancy, so a small investment in dependable battery handling equipment can result in significant cost savings in the long run.
Welch also has a large selection of battery handling systems from well-known manufacturers, including:

Battery Carriages & Carts

Forklift battery transfer carriages enable employees to properly remove and change out lift truck batteries that are set up for side-extraction. We offer power controlled solutions for heavy use applications and manually powered options for lower volume applications.

Battery Extractors

Fork lift battery extractors are requisite tools for any material handling enterprise that demands frequent battery swaps.

Battery Stands

Conserve space and safeguard your battery assets with battery stands and charger stands . We provide a full assortment of options and can tailor solutions for your particular demands.

Battery Hoist

Welch provides a number of battery hoist options depending on battery weights, frequentness of use and warehouse setup.

Battery Beam

Welch Equipment Company provides battery lifting beams featuring non-conductive design and adaptable hook points. Beams offer an effective and hassle-free way to manage hefty industrial lift truck batteries.

Battery Crane

Our gantry crane options are optimal for up and down battery extrication uses. We supply a variety of beam lengths, heights and capacities.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery cleaning stations decrease terminal and conductor deterioration, stretch the life of batteries, reduce forklift electrical power problems, and assist in compliance with environmental regulations.

Battery Watering Systems

Welch provides complete battery watering solutions together with elements, from storage tanks and deionization appliances to watering valves and guns.

Battery Room

Battery rooms have to be furnished with suitable airflow, proper flooring, wash stations, essential safety systems plus all needed battery handling devices. Our staff can help to lay out your facility and source all battery handling equipment for your enterprise.

Forklift Battery Near Me

If you’re in need of forklift batteries, chargers or handling equipment in Albuquerque, Welch has has what you need!  Our Mountain Power division is among the top battery suppliers in the Rocky Mountain West and we have a wide variety of battery products and services available.  Give our battery team a call at (505) 822-8043.

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