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Are you in the market for a used forklift? There are hundreds of preowned lift trucks available in Albuquerque and throughout the State of New Mexico.  Buying lightly used lift trucks can be a wise choice and it could save your business a bundle in up-front costs. If you’re skeptical about buying used equipment, consider a few of the upsides:

Used Forklifts in Albuquerque

When you’re buying brand new lift trucks, loan setup and vehicle delivery usually takes a while. In contrast, most used forklift sales happen locally and you can take delivery right away.

Used Forklift Pricing

Much like purchasing used car or truck, you’ll spend quite a bit less when you purchase pre-owned lift trucks. Used forklift pricing depends heavily on the truck category and lift truck manufacturer, but you will almost always pay quite a bit less for pre-owned trucks.  If you do find a used forklift you’re interested in, it’s smart to check prices on two similar vehicles in your region to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

Used Forklift Values

Your budget may limit what you can afford to buy brand new, whereas buying used could allow you to buy a higher-end forklift than you might otherwise be able to afford.  Used forklift prices for later models that are very similar to the newest available can be highly discounted, meaning you can get  the newest technology for a lot less than buying new.

Used Forklift Dealers

If you purchase your trucks from a preowned lift truck dealer that also acts as a manufacturer’s distributor, you can often get dealer certified, previously owned forklifts that are nearly equivalent to purchasing new. These pre-owned forklifts are fully inspected, cleaned and refurbished by factory trained professionals and they are typically sold with a warranty.

Buying trucks from a distributor may additionally give you access to manufacturer financing, service contracts, parts programs and other advantages that you just don’t get with a private transaction.

Other Considerations

Given that you’re now up to speed on a few of the benefits of purchasing  previously owned forklifts, you should consider a few extra variables to see if a previously owned lift truck plan is suitable for your business:

  • Hours of Use: how hard will you be running your trucks? If you’re using your equipment all day, every day, it may actually be more advantageous to lease forklifts or purchase them new. You’ll pay more up front, but new forklifts are often a better choice for intensive users because they have a longer warranty period and a service contract can be wrapped into a purchase.
  • Service Ability: do you have employees that can maintain your forklifts? In scenarios where you have a technician on your payroll that can maintain your equipment and handle forklift repair in-house, it can be very economical to go with pre-owned trucks instead of new.
  • Reputable Used Forklift Dealers: purchasing from a trustworthy, knowledgeable dealership is always the smartest choice. Dealerships will quite often sell off-lease equipment that has been routinely serviced by factory technicians. Private transactions, however, are generally much riskier—you typically can’t verify the true history of the equipment or how it was serviced.
  • Forklift Safety: any time you’re buying a used lift truck, you should always keep safety as your number one concern.   Make sure to get a safety inspection before purchasing any used equipment.
  • Used Forklift Warranty: used forklifts bought from dealers generally come with a short term warranty. When you can purchase an additional warranty or maintenance contract, you may want to evaluate the extra charge vs the outlay of procuring new equipment.

Used Forklifts Near Me

If you’d like to buy a preowned forklift or get information on preowned lift trucks available in Albuquerque or anywhere in New Mexico, you can speak with a professional at Welch Equipment Company by calling (505) 822-8043.

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