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Energy efficiency requirements and “green” solutions embracement are pushing unprecedented interest in the global battery market. While this boost in interest is stimulating new R & D in power storage technology, lead acid batteries are still the first choice for most industrial uses, including lift trucks.

Even though lead acid battery types feature a bit lower power density than several of the more advanced kinds of batteries, they are able to preserve a consistent voltage as they discharge, they can function through a wide range of thermal levels and they can be faithfully charged/ discharged over hundreds of cycles.

The escalation in international battery purchases has also caused steep price growth over the last five years. Greater battery costs mean that boosting your fork lift battery life can easily have a real influence on your bottom line.

Care and maintenance of batteries has a direct influence on their life expectancy, so a small purchase of top quality battery handling tools can yield substantive savings in the future.

Welch Equipment supplies a full line of battery handling materials from first-class suppliers:

Battery Chargers

We offer both new and pre-owned commercial battery chargers for all sorts of applications from single shift, standard use facilities to around the clock, intensive use businesses. Inquire about our battery and charger lease and rental programs.

Battery Carriages & Carts

Lift truck battery transfer carts allow workers to safely remove and substitute lift truck batteries that are designed for side-removal. Welch provides powered solutions for higher-frequency programs and manually powered options for lower volume applications.

Battery Extractors

Forklift battery extractors are required tools for any material handling enterprise that needs frequent battery extraction and replacement.

Battery Stands

Conserve space and safeguard your battery stock with charger stands and battery stands. Welch provides a comprehensive array of choices and can tailor systems for your unique demands.

Battery Hoist

We supply a variety of battery hoist options according to battery sizes, regularity of utilization and warehouse configuration.

Battery Beam

Welch supplies battery lifting beams including insulated construction and adaptable hook points. Beams offer an efficient and hassle-free way to manage weighty industrial fork lift batteries.

Battery Crane

Our gantry crane choices are excellent for vertical battery removal uses. We provide a variety of beam spreads, heights and capacities.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery wash stations minimize terminal and cable corrosion, stretch the use of batteries, cutdown on fork lift electrical issues, and support in compliance with environmental requlations.

Battery Watering Systems

We provide full battery watering systems as well as individual components, from containers and deionization appliances to watering guns and valves.

Battery Room

Battery areas have to be installed with correct airflow, suitable floor covering, wash facilities, basic safety systems plus all essential battery handling tools. Our team can help to plan your facility and supply all battery handling systems for your operation.

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If you’d like to speak with a Welch representative about lift truck batteries or power systems, please get in touch with Welch Equipment.

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