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Are you considering the purchase of a used forklift? There are thousands of used forklifts available across the Rocky Mountain Region. Buying gently used lift trucks may be a great option and it could save you some money. If you’re on the fence about purchasing pre-owned equipment, consider some of the upsides:

Used Forklifts in Colorado Springs

When acquiring brand new lift trucks, financing arrangement and vehicle delivery usually requires a long lead time. It can be weeks or months before you take delivery of your equipment. One key benefit of used lift truck sales is that they are usually close by, tend to close quickly and you can take delivery right away.

Pre-Owned Forklift Pricing

Kind of like purchasing a pre-owned car, you will often spend less money when you buy previously owned forklifts. A used forklift price discount depends greatly on the lift type and manufacturer, but you will usually pay substantially less for pre-owned trucks. When you find a used lift truck for sale, you may want to check prices on at least two other similar pieces of equipment in your market area to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

Pre-Owned Forklift Values

Buying used forklifts has the added advantage of allowing you to get better equipment than you could normally afford to buy new. Used lift truck prices for later models that are very similar to the newest available can be greatly discounted, which means you can purchase state of the art equipment for a fraction of the price of new.

Used Forklift Dealers

If you purchase your trucks from a used forklift dealer that acts as a distributor, you can get manufacturer certified, previously owned forklifts that are nearly as good as purchasing brand new. These previously owned forklifts are fully inspected, refreshed and overhauled by fully qualified professionals and they quite often are sold with a warranty.

Acquiring trucks from a distributor may additionally allow you access to their financing, service contracts, parts program and other things that aren’t an option with a private party or broker purchase.

Other Factors

Since you’re now fully informed on the advantages of purchasing previously owned forklifts, you may want to consider a few other factors to see if a pre-owned forklift plan is right for your operation:

  • Forklift Hours of Use: how much do you plan to utilize your trucks? If your new forklifts will be used all day, every day, it may actually be a better option to lease your forklifts or buy them brand new, despite the fact you’ll increase your cost up front. Heavy utilization scenarios are better suited to new forklifts, or lift trucks that will be maintained by another party.
  • Maintenance Capability: are you employing mechanics that can service your second hand forklifts? In cases where you have an expert on staff that can maintain and repair your own equipment, it can be very economical to go the pre-owned route. In cases where you don’t have qualified employees, you should consider a service contract.
  • Trustworthy Used Forklift Dealers: purchasing from a trustworthy, knowledgeable dealer is always sensible. Dealers will many times sell off-lease equipment that has been consistently and correctly maintained. Private transactions, on the other hand, are generally a risk—you typically can’t verify the true history of the forklifts or the manner in which they were maintained.
  • Forklift Safety: when buying a used lift truck, you should always consider safety as your leading concern. Always order a used forklift inspection from an authorized professional.
  • Used Forklift Warranty: previously owned forklifts purchased from dealerships are often sold with a short term warranty. In the event you can purchase an extended warranty or service contract, you can calculate the additional expense vs the outlay of buying brand new equipment.

Used Forklifts For Sale in Colorado Springs

If you want to purchase a used lift truck or get information on used forklifts available in Colorado Springs or anywhere in the Mountain West, you can speak with a professional at Welch Equipment by calling (719) 599-4497.

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