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If you’re looking for a pallet jack, it’s a good idea to get a basic understanding of the different types of pallet jacks and what they’re used for. As most people know, pallet jacks are most often used to move pallets around a warehouse, loading dock, or truck facility.

However, you may want to learn more about which pallet trucks perform best in which environments based on the size of your facility, the weight of the pallets you need to move, how often you’ll need to move pallets, and how far you’ll need to move them.

Manual Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks that are not motorized, or manual, have been in use for over a century and haven’t changed much in terms of basic concept. A steel frame, a fork, and a hydraulic lift unit that is actuated by pumping the handle are the basic elements.

The operation of a manual pallet jack is simple. Users place the forks under the pallet, raise it with the handle, wheel it to its destination, lower it, and remove the forks.

A hand pallet truck is ideal when you don’t need to lift a pallet very high or move it very far. They’re commonly found in stock room aisles, warehouse back rooms, and small manufacturing facilities, among other places. Although heavy, pallet jacks are relatively mobile and can easily fit in the back of a truck or cargo van for delivery.

Hand pallet trucks are ideal for short distances and infrequent use. However, they are not always a good choice for long distances, inclines, or rough terrain. Manually moving a pallet jack can quickly become physically exhausting.

Walkie Pallet Jacks

Walkie pallet trucks are powered by on-board batteries that assist in lifting and propelling the equipment and its payload. To lift a load, the operator does not need to use the tiller, nor does he or she need to manually move the load through the warehouse.

Walkies are roughly twice the size of manual pallet jacks, but they are still relatively small and maneuverable. These trucks are known as “walkies” because the driver must still walk behind or beside them rather than riding on them.

When compared to a rider jack, the peak rate of speed of a walkie pallet truck is moderate because the user must keep up with it rather than catching a ride on it. Lower speeds generally mean fewer accidents, so this is something of a built-in safety feature.

Because they are battery-operated, walkie pallet jacks must be charged on a regular basis. Although this means more maintenance and upkeep, Walkies are a great alternative to manual pallet jacks.

Rider Pallet Jacks

Rider pallet trucks are similar to walkies, but they include an additional platform for the operator. They are simple to operate and requiring little training.

Instead of walking behind or beside the jack, operators can climb aboard the platform. This means that, compared to walkie or hand pallet jacks, they are a better option for moving loads over longer distances. They’re best for continuous, long-distance movement, like in a large warehouse or distribution center.

The riding platform is great for quick trips, but it’s not ideal for drivers who use them frequently because it’s small and forces the operator to stand at an awkward angle.

Center Riders

Center riders are similar to rider pallet trucks in that they are safer for the operator and provide a more pleasant user experience. Instead of standing to the side, drivers can now stand completely forward or backward. Operators are also shielded on two sides by the machine chassis, providing a bit more protection in the event of a collision.

Although center riders are slightly less maneuverable than rider pallet trucks, they are an excellent choice for workers who must carry loads over long distances on a regular basis. They’re commonly found in manufacturing, warehouse, and beverage applications.

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