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Welch Equipment offers forklift battery options for all categories of lift trucks and for nearly all manufacturers. We also offer state-of-the-art chargers and all types of battery handling equipment to keep your operation running smoothly.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are still the standard in most material handling operations. While innovations like valve regulation have greatly improved safety and battery life, these batteries function in much the same way they have for decades. Although lead acid batteries possess a bit lower energy density than higher tech options, they have the ability to maintain a steady voltage as they run down, they can function over a wide range of temperatures and they can be reliably depleted and recharged over hundreds of cycles.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are quite a bit more expensive than standard lead acid, but for certain applications they are the perfect solution. They can withstand very cold temperatures and are ideal for cold storage operations. They are also perfect for multi-shift operations because they charge up to eight times faster and are 30% more energy efficient than lead acid.

Battery Chargers

Welch provides both new and used industrial battery chargers for all sorts of operations from single shift, light duty warehouses to around the clock, heavy use enterprises. Ask about our battery and charger rental and lease options.

Battery Handling Equipment

Service and upkeep of batteries has a clear impact on their life expectancy , so a small expenditure for reliable battery handling equipment can yield substantive cost savings over the longer term. Welch also features a comprehensive array of battery handling systems from major producers:

Battery Watering System

We offer full battery watering solutions as well as individual components, from containers and de-ionizers to watering guns and valves .

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery cleaning decreases terminal and conductor corrosion, prolongs the use of batteries and reduces lift truck energy problems.

Battery Carriages & Carts

Forklift battery transfer carriages make it possible for operators to safely extract and change out lift truck batteries that are configured for lateral extraction. We provide fully powered units for frequent use applications and manually powered options for less use-intensive applications.

Battery Extractor

Lift truck battery extractors are vital tools for any material handling enterprise that requires frequent battery swaps.

Battery Hoist

We offer a full range of battery hoist options according to battery weight, dimensions, frequency of use and facility configuration.

Battery Stand

Save space and protect your battery stock with charger stands and battery stands . Welch supplies a full array of choices and can individualize systems for your individual needs.

Battery Beam

We offer battery lifting beams including non-conductive composition and flexible hook points. Beams offer a time-saving way to handle bulky industrial lift truck batteries.

Battery Crane

Welch’s gantry crane choices are ideal for upward battery extraction uses. We feature a variety of beam spans, heights and capacities.

Battery Room Equipment

Battery rooms must be equipped with adequate ventilation systems, proper floor surfaces, wash facilities, essential safety equipment and all essential battery handling products. Welch can help lay out your facility and source all battery handling systems for your operation.

Forklift Battery Near Me

If you’re in the market for forklift batteries, battery chargers or handling equipment in Salt Lake City, Welch has you covered!  Our Mountain Power division is among the top battery suppliers in the Mountain West, and we have a full range of battery products and services available.  Give our battery team a call at (303) 394-6739.

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