Every operation is different, and some jobs need specialized equipment.  While most lift trucks are equipped with forks, there are many other options available for specific tasks. Welch Equipment offer a full range of lift truck attachments designed for nearly any purpose. Whether you’re looking for standard enhancements like side shifters or fork positioners, or you need clamps, booms, stabilizers or other more specialized equipment, we have an option for you. 

Fork Extensions: Fork extensions are additional lengths that can be added to the existing forks of a forklift to handle longer loads. They are useful for carrying oversized or awkwardly shaped items.
Side Shifters: Side shifters allow the forklift operator to move the forks left or right without repositioning the entire vehicle. This helps in accurate alignment with pallets or loads.
Rotators: Rotators enable the forklift operator to rotate the forks and the load, which is especially useful for dumping or positioning materials. Rotators are commonly used in industries such as waste management.
Clamps: Forklift clamps are designed to handle materials that cannot be easily picked up with forks alone. There are various types of clamps, including bale clamps, drum clamps, and carton clamps, each designed for specific material handling needs.
Slip Sheet Attachments: Slip sheet attachments replace traditional pallets with thin, plastic sheets. This allows forklifts to handle loads that are not placed on pallets.
Container Ramps: Container ramps facilitate the loading and unloading of goods from containers using a forklift. They provide a smooth transition between the forklift and the container floor.
Telescopic Forks: Telescopic forks can extend or retract to handle various load sizes. They are adjustable to accommodate different pallet sizes without manual adjustment.
Man Baskets: Man baskets or work platforms are attached to the forks and provide a safe elevated platform for workers to perform tasks at heights. These are commonly used in maintenance and construction applications.
Fork Positioners: Fork positioners allow the operator to adjust the spacing between the forks without leaving the forklift cabin. This is helpful when handling loads of different sizes.
Push/Pull Attachments: These attachments are used for handling slip-sheeted loads. They can pull or push the load onto or off the forks.



Forklift attachments are specialized devices or accessories that can be added to a forklift to enhance its capabilities and versatility. These attachments enable forklifts to perform a variety of tasks beyond their standard functions. Forklift attachments are designed to handle specific materials, improve efficiency, and adapt the forklift for different applications. 

When purchasing any forklift accessory, it’s important to understand how the equipment will impact capacity, operation and compliance.  Call us today, and let us assist you in finding the right attachment for your particular lift truck.  

If you’re handling carpet rolls, drums, bins, tires, stone slabs, or other bulky non-palletized goods, the right forklift attachment is essential. Using equipment specifically designed for the task at hand can save time, reduce product damage and make your facility safer for your employees. 

It’s important to note that forklift attachments should be used in accordance with safety guidelines and regulations. Additionally, the compatibility of an attachment with a specific forklift model should be verified before use. Forklift operators should be trained in the proper use and safety precautions associated with each attachment. Let us help.

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