What Is In Aisle Detection?

Raymond’s In-Aisle Detection System (IADS) alerts operators when objects are detected in the trucks path– and brings the truck to a controlled stop. IADS is designed to help reinforce operator training and is available as an option on Raymond Orderpicker and Swing-Reach models.

IADS helps assist in keeping Orderpicker and Swing-Reach trucks separated while on the wire in the aisle, enhancing operator security and confidence in very narrow aisle applications. While also helping to reinforce best practices for lift truck operation to help make confident operators.

With fast pick requirements, the system provides operators with notice regarding a truck’s proximity to other objects. While operators must still follow their training and look in the direction of travel, IADS enhances an operator’s awareness of their surroundings.

Compatible Products

Raymond Orderpickers

Our orderpickers deliver exceptional versatility, intuitive handling and easy maintenance and, with a broad range of capabilities, these forklifts can adapt to a variety of warehouse environments and are designed to help you run faster, smoother operation. Choose from 24-volt or 36-volt units with various height and capacity configurations to exceed the needs of your operation.

Raymond Swing-Reach Trucks

Our swing-reach trucks are engineered to maximize usable warehouse space, potentially tripling pallet capacity within your existing warehouse footprint while providing significant cost savings. Every swing reach turret truck can be customized to move loads more quickly and efficiently, and enable operators to work smarter, not harder.

How Does It Work?

A LiDar sensor detects objects within 30 feet of the truck when traveling in the tractor-first direction in the center of the truck path in wire guided very narrow aisle applications. 

in aisle detection systems from raymond

Key Specifications

  • Min. Detectable Object Height: 8”
  • Min. Detectable Object Field Width: 9”
  • Sensor Type: LiDar
  • Programmable Sensing Distance: >30’
  • Requires Wire Guidance
wire guidance

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