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Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a kind of technology that is rapidly gaining popularity in warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. These types of robots are made to navigate a warehouse or distribution center by themselves, without requiring human intervention. They have software and sensors installed that allow them to navigate the storage location, locate and grab products, and transport them to their destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Benefits

A main advantage of using AMRs within distribution centers is the enhanced efficiency they can provide. By automating tasks like material handling and transportation, AMRs can considerably limit the time and labor needed to fulfill these tasks. This leads to quicker order processing and distribution times, as well as decreased labor costs.

Another advantage to AMRs lies in their ability to run around the clock, without any need for rest or breaks. This enables warehouses to optimize their efficiency and throughput, because the robots can operate constantly without experiencing any fatigue.

AMRs also can boost safety in warehouses, as they are equipped with sensors and software that enable them to avoid impacts with objects and people. This can limit the possibility of accidents and injuries in the workplace, which is particularly relevant in operations where physically demanding tasks like heavy lifting are common.

Types Of AMRs

There are several unique styles of AMRs that can be obtained on the market, specifically engineered for distinct workspaces and tasks. Some prevailing uses for AMRs include:

  • Order Picking AMRs: AMRs are available in an extensive range of styles that are meant to cut down on picking-related travel time. Utilizing AMRs to bring items to the picker removes travel time for hourly workers and can be transformative in terms of cost and efficiency.
  • Sortation AMRs: Sortation can benefit significantly from implementing autonomous mobile robots. Different types of AMRs include a range of handling technologies. It’s possible to equip them with everything from tilt trays to cross belt systems, and they can be helpful in high speed parcel sortation, returns handling, and e-com fulfillment.
  • Inventory AMRs: Modern order fulfillment relies on having precise, transparent inventory visibility—being aware of exactly where the product is inside your warehouse, distribution center, and collective supply chain. However, coordinating inventory transportation and reconciliation can be difficult and time-intensive for particularly large and elaborate operations. AMRs that are integrated directly with an inventory structure can significantly limit the time and money needed to sustain maximum efficiency and order precision.

AMR Implementation

Deploying AMRs in a warehouse or distribution center demands careful planning and consideration. It is essential to painstakingly evaluate the tasks that that AMRs will have to perform, and make sure that they are configured with the correct sensors and software to perform these jobs efficiently. It is likewise essential to consider the floorplan of the warehouse or distribution center and the possible effect on other processes and systems, like the storage and material handling systems.

A obstacle of configuring AMRs is integrating them with current systems and processes. AMRs frequently need to be linked to warehouse management systems (WMS) and other software systems in order to function effectively. This can require substantial time and resources, and may mean the implementation of unique software or incorporation with third-party systems.

One more obstacle is the requirement for ongoing support and maintenance. AMRs must have frequent maintenance and software updates in order to go on running effectively, and it is necessary to have a plan figured out to ensure that such tasks are finished in a timely and effective way.

Talk To A Warehouse Automation Expert

In general, autonomous mobile robots will bring significant gains to distribution centers and warehouses, such as enhanced efficiency, productivity, and safety. To learn more about engineering and implementing an AMR program, contact a warehouse automation expert at Welch Equipment today.

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