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Welch Equipment carries a full line of order picker lift trucks for a range of uses from Raymond’s storied 5000 Series. With 24-volt or 36-volt units and countless height and capacity configurations, Raymond has an order picker that is perfect for your application.

What Is An Order Picker?

An order picker (often referred to as a cherry picker) is an electric forklift with a platform on the forks, enabling operators to raise and lower themselves to retrieve goods from upright racking. Order picker machines permit operators to quickly gather items to fill order requests.

Order pickers are often used in operations that have a large variety of items that demand piece of case picking, in contrast to warehouse that typically manage complete pallets. These lift trucks are ideal for facilities that require high level order picking, and an average machine can lift up to 3,000 pounds about 32 ft.

Order Picker vs Forklift

There are significant differences between a forklift and an order picker lift. This type of lift truck isn’t the right equipment for transporting and stacking pallets on an everyday basis. It doesn’t do the job of a typical forklift.

This equipment is a special type of lift truck, engineered to lift the operator along with materials. Specifically, an order picker truck falls under the OSHA Class II Powered Industrial Truck definition as an “Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Truck, Lift Code 2.”

Order Picker Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires order picker platform workers to wear a safety harness at all times, since they are far above the ground and mistakes can result in injury or death. Order picker trucks by law must be outfitted with an overhead harness anchor point capable of supporting 5,000 pounds. In addition, any harnesses and connectors must be OSHA compliant.

Narrow Aisle Applications

Very often, order picker forklifts are used in narrow aisle applications where there are only a few inches of clearance between racks on one or two sides of the platform. Since workers can move the trucks up and down the aisle while they are in the air, one slight misstep in a narrow aisle can cause bodily harm and damage to racking and products. As a result, order picker machines are sometimes configured with wire guidance devices to keep them on an electronically controlled route.

Order Picker For Sale Near Me

To find out more about Raymond’s line of order picker forklifts, contact a lift truck expert at Welch Equipment today! The 5000 Series from Raymond delivers outstanding flexibility, straightforward handling and simple maintenance.

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