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Pallet Rack Installation, Teardown and Inspection | Albuquerque


Welch Equipment offers a full range of warehouse racking services, from installation and removal to inspection and repair.

Pallet Rack Inspection

Welch Equipment has a specialized rack safety and repair division. Our understanding of safety practices and ANSI/RMI standards and requirements enables us to evaluate a storage system, spot probable dangers, and make suggestions to help you strengthen worker safety and asset protection.

Pallet Rack Repair

While sometimes it makes more sense to replace damaged racks, quite often they can be repaired in place. Simple fixes can often be accomplished quickly with minimal disturbance of your daily operations. For common repairs, the base portion of rack is taken out and replaced with a sturdier upright.

Pallet Rack Installation

Pallet racking makes full use of costly warehouse capacity, and a properly engineered racking configuration is a basic requirement for a profitable warehouse. Racking systems need to be engineered and installed by qualified professionals who are trained in fire suppression, seismic design, local codes and ordinances, permit processes, and warehouse safety.

Welch Equipment is a leading supplier of warehouse storage systems and material handling solutions, and warehouse racking installation is just one of the services we offer to help you get the most out of your industrial shelving investment. Our pallet racking installation service removes the stress of rack installation and ensures that your racking is installed correctly and expeditiously.

Pallet Rack Tear Down & Moving

The correct teardown of racking is equally as important as the proper installation. Our customers frequently state that they intend to dismantle their storage systems using in-house employees, and although this may appear to be a sound idea at first, it is in many cases a misstep. When it comes time to sell or reassemble the material, you may discover that if inexperienced laborers removed it, tracking down the appropriate components or reassembling damaged material can be very difficult.

If equipment is to be relocated and reconstructed, our expert team will properly label it. They’ll subsequently pack and store it appropriately to prevent damage. Our technicians will load it onto trailers for secure shipment whether you’re moving to a new facility across town or across the country. Our technicians are trained to transport your equipment securely, preventing damage and allowing for straightforward reassembly.

Our technicians will show up with all the tools and materials they require, finish the project quickly and efficiently, and leave your facility clean and ready. Welch Equipment’s experience and integrated services approach provide a turnkey disassembly and relocation service so that you can focus on running your operation.

Pallet Rack Companies Near Me

Although you may have countless choices for pallet racking vendors in your area, Welch Equipment is among the biggest and most sophisticated material handling suppliers in the Mountain West. If you require racking installation, tear down, relocation, moving or reconstruction, call us today!

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