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Vertical lift module (VLM) systems are automatic retrieval and storage machines that are frequently deployed in warehouses, distribution centers, and other material handling locations. These systems have a group of vertically positioned storage trays or bins that are serviced by a lift mechanism. The lift is directed using a computer system that drives the retrieval and replacement of trays or bins to the vertical columns.

VLM systems are designed to create efficient and effective storage and retrieval of materials in a warehouse or distribution center. They can be used to store a diverse range of materials, including boxes, totes, and pallets. The vertical stacking of the storage trays lends itself to an increased storage density in a smaller space, making them an excellent option for warehouses with constrained floor plans.

Vertical Lift Module Benefits

One of the key benefits of VLM solutions is their advanced automation. The software-controlled lift mechanism can quickly and precisely find the selected tray or bin, lessening the requirement for workers to engage in retrieval or storage and improving the efficiency and speed of storage and retrieval processes. VLM solutions also have a significant capacity for storage, making them appropriate for deployment in major distribution centers and warehouses.

One more key value of VLM solutions is their ability to optimize the space used inside a warehouse or distribution center. The vertical alignment of the storage bins creates a higher density of storage, decreasing the required floor space for storage and freeing up floor space for additional uses. Additionally, VLM’s are able to be configured to accommodate a wide array of bin configurations and sizes, allowing the possibility to customize the VLM to the specific needs of the distribution center or warehouse.

VLM solutions can also be integrated with other warehouse systems, such as lift trucks and conveyors, to further raise the speed of storage and retrieval operations. For example, VLM systems can be configured in conjunction with conveyor systems to automatically relocate items to and from the storage area, lessening the necessity for physical handling.

VLM’s can be configured to satisfy the individual requirements of almost any warehouse or distribution center. For example, it’s possible to have them configured to adapt to varying sizes and types of materials, as well as different replacement and collection needs. In addition, VLM systems can be outfitted with a variety of features to increase safety, such as safety barriers and warning lights.

Talk To A VLM Expert

Generally speaking, VLM systems are an optimized and effective method for warehouses and distribution centers that deal with storage and retrieval of a large amount of materials in a small footprint. They enable extensive automation, a large storage volume, and optimized use of floor area within a distribution center. With the different types and configurations for sale, VLM systems can be customized to meet the case by case requirements of any distribution center or warehouse. If you’d like to learn more about the prospects of VLM systems for your company, call an automation professional at Welch Equipment now.

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