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With today’s out of control warehouse real estate costs, maximizing the utilization of your current Albuquerque facilities is crucial.

In some areas of the Rocky Mountain West, businesses aren’t even able to find new warehouse capacity because vacancies are at historic lows.

Savvy businesses are taking advantage of the vertical space in their operations by employing an elevated steel platform, or mezzanine, to augment storage density and productivity. These platforms permit you to grow your storage and operations skyward, while still using the ground beneath as you would ordinarily.

Moving your warehouse space is an expensive and inconvenient process, and New Mexico companies that have outgrown their facilities should think carefully before making a decision to relocate. A cost effective and minimally invasive alternative is to employ industrial mezzanines to boost the utilization of cubic space.

Warehouse mezzanines can be practical for all types of businesses, from modest warehouses to massive distribution centers. Almost overnight, a mezzanine installation can enhance your efficiency and yield a significant return on investment. There are many alternatives available, from typical prefabricated mezzanines to specially engineered, multi-story steel mezzanines.

Prefab Mezzanine Solutions

Aside from the gains in efficiency and capacity, mezzanines feature some sensible advantages as well: their lofty position can give managers a great vantage point for keeping an eye on warehouse operations and safety practices.

Industrial platform configurations can take many forms, and typical configurations serve several purposes. Instead of just storage, many systems are designed with mezzanine office modules, allowing for breakrooms, offices and conference rooms.

Almost all solutions can be installed without any structural alteration and they can be very easy to set up and tear down. As business requirements change, so can your mezzanine system–they are easy to tweak and reconfigure.

Mezzanine storage areas are accessible via mezzanine stairs, and products can be filled and retrieved using gates designed for forklift access. In addition, many designs make use of mezzanine lift solutions or vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) to move products on and off the platform.

Industrial Mezzanine Options

  • Freestanding: a structural or freestanding warehouse mezzanine arrangement maximizes ground space and offers simple assembly and disassembly. Structural solutions are optimal for part and product storage.
  • Rack Supported: “catwalk” or rack supported systems are installed on pallet racking, allowing additional storage above the racks. Pallets can be loaded and unloaded via lift truck gates included in the design.
  • Shelf supported: shelving supported platforms are perfect solutions for expanding storage of smaller items above shelving systems. Though not as flexible as rack-supported or freestanding options, shelf supported designs are less costly and simple to implement.

New and Used Mezzanine Systems Near Me

If you’re looking for a new or used mezzanine, we provide systems for all types and sizes of companies. Call a material handling expert at Welch Equipment Company today!

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