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When loading and unloading trucks is your business, safety is a top concern. Maneuvering a forklift or pallet jack onto a trailer can be risky business if you don’t have the proper equipment. Any bridge between a loading dock and a truck must be able to bear enormous weight, and do so reliably.

There are many dock equipment options out there expressly for this purpose. Although dock levelers are a popular option, portable dock plates, boards and ramps are less expensive and often more versatile choices. In comparison to dock levelers, these choices can be easily relocated and put into use across different loading dock bays.

Dock Plate

Dock plates are used to traverse a short distance from one area to another in material handling applications, generally between a loading dock and a trailer. They are built as a rectangular piece of metal with a slight bend, and they often have a vertical safety leg mounted on the underside that holds the plate in position while in use. Dock plates come in either steel or aluminum and can sustain weights of up to 17,000 lbs. They are generally made with a diamond plate facing for traction.

Dock Board

Dock boards provide a heavier duty option for bridging gaps and have curbs fitted on either side, which strengthen the board and prevent equipment from slipping over the edges. Dock boards come in both steel and lighter weight aluminum options. Curbs are either welded or bolted on either side. In similarity with dock plates, dock boards frequently come equipped with a security foot and are usually made with a diamond plate facing.

Yard Ramp

A yard ramp is the equivalent of a portable loading dock. It is a ramp that can be easily relocated within a shipping and receiving yard to permit pallet trucks and forklifts to move safely from floor level up to a trailer or container and back. Nearly all yard ramps have a height adjustment mechanism to accommodate different kinds of trucks and containers.

For facilities that don’t have loading docks, yard ramps are crucial for unloading and loading goods from trailers and containers. A secondary application is to permit vehicles to drive into a warehouse from ground level through a loading dock door.

Loading Dock Ramp

A dock-to-ground ramp is used to drive vehicles like vans, pickup trucks and forklifts in and out of a building. It’s a permanent or semi-permanent ramp which allows vehicle travel from grade level to dock elevation.

Slightly different from yard ramps, dock to ground ramps are not engineered to be moved around frequently, and are intended as a long term alternative. Additionally, there’s no need for an incline adjustment mechanism, since the ramp rests stationary in a single position.

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