Increase Low-Level Picking Speed and Accuracy

Raymond’s industry-exclusive Pick2Pallet LED Light System helps minimize picking errors, maximize productivity, improve fulfillment times and enhance operator training. The Pick2Pallet system works with LED lights to reinforce the correct placement for batch-picking applications. In order to give the operator a signal for correct batch-picking the LED lights are embedded in the forks under the A, B, C, or D pallet position and illuminate depending on where the operator needs to position.

For many warehouse operations more than half of your total warehousing costs are attributed to picking; spending on average 55% of your budget. With high operator turn over, inexperienced labor, increasing SKU numbers, and faster fulfillment times, pick errors are at an all-time high. Raymond’s Pick2Pallet system can help you increase low-level picking speed and accuracy.

Voice Directed Picking

When you have larger stock numbers or items across larger facilities voice directed systems are a great option for improving picking. One of the biggest benefits with voice directed is the ability to allow the pickers to operate completely hands-free. All the instructions are given to the operator via a headset from a warehouse management system. The operator then responds verbally to confirm a pick without needing to scan any bar codes, read a screen, or press a confirmation button.

Pick To Light

There are many offerings of pick-to-light systems, including pallet jack-mounted and some that are installed directly on racking and shelving. Pick to light systems have proven to be best for high density, high SKU-velocity environments and zone picking operations.

When installing a rack system, the racking is fitted with LEDs that signal pick quantities and locations, allowing workers to tap these lights to confirm picks and quantities as they make their way along a pick path. Although rack-and shelving-installed light directed systems are less flexible and more costly than voice directed, once correctly implemented they can greatly improve picking speed and accuracy. According to MHI, most pick to light implementations gain an average of 30-50% in pick rate productivity.

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