Raymond Operator Assist Technology

Companies today are asking an ever-dwindling supply of quality warehouse workers to be more productive. Fortunately, companies like Raymond are developing new technologies that can help with these situations.

Raymond’s patent-pending Advance Operator Assist Technology can help increase productivity and decrease operator fatigue. By allowing the operator to remotely control the pallet jack travel between picks, this reduces the number of times an operator must step on and step off their equipment. Raymond Advance improves operator efficiency and reduces pick cycle times.

Performance Specs

No system integration or special on-site installation required at start up

Advance Travel Speed (mph): 3.6

Riding (manual) Mode Speed:
  • 6,000 lbs loaded/unloaded (mph): 6.5/9
  • 8,000 lbs. loaded/unloaded (mph): 6.2/9

Three Fields Of Detection

STOP FIELD: when an obstacle is detected in the stop field, the truck can be brought to a stop

STEER FIELD: the truck will attempt to navigate around an obstacle detected in the steer field

TRACKING FIELD: the truck will drive straight when the rack is detected in the tracking field

In Aisle Navigation and Obstacle Detection

Raymond Advance uses a Laser Sensor Unit and three fields of detection to help navigate the truck and detect obstacles in its path. The operator can select either side of an aisle to navigate and the truck will keep a predetermined distance from the rack. This will give the operator full control and ability to override the tracking function at any time. When the truck is traveling it can come to a complete stop if an obstacle is detected to minimize any product damage and impact.

Manual or Remote Operation for Versatility

Advance also comes with an option to intuitive jog with the truck in manual mode. This allows the operator to have the truck jog forward using the control handle. Manual operation allows facilities to overcome challenges with high employee turnover and differing skill sets.  


  • Optimizes operator picking position from pick-to-pick, increasing efficiency
  • Reduces operator physical demands by minimizing truck mounts and dismounts
  • Better performance in the palm of your hand
  • Small, ergonomic remote control offers comfortable operation in either hand
  • Durable, polycarbonate shell offers easy sterilization
  • Optional remote holder available for increased operator convenience and comfort
  • “Tap and Go” functionality lets you hover the remote control to any truck’s on board sensor for rapid Near Field Communication pairing
  • Selector interface displays system status at a glance

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