A Tracking, Locating, and Monitoring System for Enhanced Security, Efficiency, and Productivity

The iWarehouse Real-Time Location System (iW.RTLS) lets you restrict and control the movements of lift trucks, and locate personnel and assets in your facility with +/- 3 feet accuracy –based on an object’s relative position to the anchors– through geofencing, zoning, and tracking capabilities. With feature like geofencing/zoning, Forklift tracking, pedestrian tracking and asset tracking.  

Lift Truck Tracking

RTLS forklift tracking lets you know exactly where your trucks are, where they have been, and how they were utilized - providing invaluable insights to reduce lost inventory and make better use of your space and equipment.

Identify areas of congestion and adjust your travel paths, facility layout, and slotting for optimum throughput.

Locate any truck or the goods it has handled to minimize unproductive hours and reduce the need for safety stock.

Integrate the positioning data of RTLS with your other business technologies for deeper insights and enhanced performance.

Asset Tracking

RTLS lets your see which employee or truck last handled or specific asset, showing you where and when it was last put away.

Gain a competitive edge by knowing the exact location of every pallet to streamline and optimize the flow of goods through your facility.

Improve delivery speeds and reduce costs by quickly location misplaced goods.

Enhance order fulfillment and invoice accuracy with better visibility into asset movements.

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen relationships with more accurate and timely deliveries.

Optimization and Cost Savings Opportunities

Customizable to your specific needs and the layout of your facility, iW.RTLS, when combined with iWarehouse Telematics, provides visibility, reinforces training, optimizes your processes, reduces operational costs, and delivers ROI by:  


+ Optimize your facility layout and traffic flow by exposing and alleviating areas of congestion 

+ Quickly locate missing assets 


+ Streamline processes and avoid bottlenecks to enhance employee productivity, reduce unproductive hours and ease labor requirements 

+ Understood operator movements and tasks to optimize utilization 


+ Respond to changing demands more quickly with better traffic flows material movement 

+ Strengthen customer relationships with faster, more accurate order fulfillment  

Geofencing and Zoning

With the RTLS geofencing and zoning capabilities you will have the ability to keep your trucks in the right place at the right time and minimize vehicles and pedestrians in the same area. Flexible and scalable, RTLS lets you create zones and tailor the system to your unique layout and application. Proximity Awareness Notify truck operators that they are in pedestrian zones and walkways Object Notification Create and keep-in/ keep-out zones to notify operators of: + Height- restricted areas (based on OACH) + One end of aisle (to reinforce one-way traffic) + Freezers and very narrow aisles + Indoor or outdoor areas Violation Notification Operators and pedestrians are alerted when they enter or leave restricted zone

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