Welch Newsletter Edition #1!

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There's a lot of new faces around,
here's a quick reminder of who joined us in January!

And a shoutout to Andrew Deem for celebrating 5 years at Welch this month!

In addition, a big spotlight on Richie, Andrew, and Zack for going the extra mile:

Did you know by the way, you can find images like these and more
on all of Welch's current social medias?

We're posting there twice a week, so go and share what we're all about!
We also want to continue highlighting all the great work you're doing,
so please send pictures, videos, testimonials,
and everything in between to marketing!

Last but not least here's everyone celebrating a birthday this month!

Thanks to everybody that checked out this first edition of the Welch Newsletter.

This is a work in progress, but we would love to hear any input you all have.

This will be a great place to keep everyone looped in on all things Welch.

But we also want you to share your stories outside of work too
(if you're comfortable
doing so of course)!

Hope everyone's having a great year thus far, till next time!

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