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On average, U.S. warehouses spend about 55% of their operational budgets on picking.  Traditional picking systems are inherently labor intensive and inefficient, so any improvement in these systems can optimize productivity and drive meaningful decreases in expenses.

Welch Equipment offers the most advanced picking solutions available today.  Whether you’re looking for fully automated goods-to-person AS/RS options or just want to improve your existing systems, we have a solution to fit your budget and your requirements.

Efficient picking is crucial for order fulfillment and plays a significant role in optimizing the overall supply chain. Various picking solutions exist, each with its advantages and suitability for specific applications. Welch Equipment has the best design fit for all.

We offer the following and more:


Voice directed systems are ideal for warehouses that stock a large number of SKUs across larger facilities. Picking instructions are sent as verbal instructions through a headset by the warehouse management system, and the picker responds verbally to confirm picks. This leaves the picker completely hands-free. There are no barcodes to scan and no handheld devices required. 


For zone picking or very high throughput environments, pick to light systems are an ideal solution.  Storage systems are fitted with LEDs that indicate pick locations and quantities, and pickers tap these lights to confirm picks and quantities as they make their way along a pick path.

Although pick to light may not be as flexible as other options, light systems can often increase pick productivity by 30-50% when properly applied.


Manual picking systems, human workers physically navigate the warehouse aisles to pick items from their designated locations. This method is common in smaller warehouses or those with a lower order volume.


Batch picking involves the simultaneous picking of multiple orders in a single pass through the warehouse. Workers pick items for several orders at once, increasing efficiency by reducing the number of trips through the warehouse.


In zone picking, the warehouse is divided into zones, and each picker is responsible for picking items only within their assigned zone. This approach is effective for larger warehouses and can help minimize congestion in the picking area.


Wave picking involves organizing orders into waves based on certain criteria, such as order priority, order size, or delivery deadlines. Workers pick items for multiple orders during a predetermined time period (wave), improving order consolidation and efficiency.


In pick and pass systems, items are picked and placed into a tote or bin. The tote is then passed to the next station where additional items are picked until the order is complete.

This method is often used in conjunction with conveyor systems to facilitate the movement of totes between picking stations.


Automated picking systems utilize robots or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to retrieve items from storage locations and transport them to a packing area.

These systems are highly efficient and are often used in high-volume warehouses with a large inventory.


The choice of a picking system depends on factors such as the size of the warehouse, order volume, the nature of the products being handled, and the required level of accuracy and speed. Many warehouses use a combination of these systems to create a picking strategy that best suits their specific needs, Welch Equipment can help with it all.

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