Proudly representing Hawker-Powersource, a global leader in charger and battery technology, Welch’s Mountain Power division ensures advanced scalability, redundant power, simplified service, and maximum flexibility with Hawker chargers. Hawker-Powersource has been at the forefront of green high-frequency charging technology for nearly four decades, consistently delivering innovative and state-of-the-art charging solutions to the material handling industry.

Covering six states throughout the Rocky Mountain region, Mountain Power provides sales, installation, and service of battery charging systems. For discussions on battery charger options, reach out to a Mountain Power representative today!


LifePlus MOD3 Chargers:
These are high-frequency, multi-voltage chargers suitable for a variety of industrial applications. They are designed to provide efficient charging and are compatible with Hawker batteries.

LifeSpeed MOD3 Chargers:
LifeSpeed MOD3 chargers are designed for fast charging applications. They are known for their high-frequency charging technology, which can reduce charging time compared to traditional chargers.

LifeIQ Chargers:
LifeIQ chargers are intelligent chargers that incorporate advanced features for optimizing battery performance. They may include features such as automatic equalization, temperature compensation, and communication capabilities for monitoring and control.

LifePlus TC3 Chargers:
These are three-phase, high-frequency chargers suitable for a range of industrial battery applications. They may include advanced charging algorithms to maximize battery life and performance.

LifeGuard Chargers:
LifeGuard chargers are designed to enhance safety during battery charging. They may include features such as an interlock system to prevent unauthorized use and other safety enhancements.

HF Premium Chargers:
High-frequency chargers designed for energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. They may feature microprocessor control for precision charging.

Welch Equipment’s Mountain Power division is your comprehensive provider of industrial battery, charger, and handling equipment services.

We offer a complete range of industrial battery charging systems for sale, lease, and servicing. Whether you require conventional, high-frequency, opportunity, or fast charging solutions, we have the right option tailored to your needs.


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