Welch Equipment’s Mountain Power division is your premier destination for comprehensive industrial battery, charger, and handling equipment solutions. Our offerings encompass sales, leasing, and servicing of batteries and battery equipment. In addition to catering to lift trucks, we provide batteries and accessories for UPS systems, data centers, personnel carriers, aerial lifts, and various other industrial applications.

Whether you require routine servicing for a lift truck battery or seek to establish a cutting-edge battery room for your facility, our team of skilled technicians and battery engineering experts is ready to assist you. From chargers and watering systems to stands, hoists, beams, carriages, extractors, and safety equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your needs. Trust Welch Equipment’s Mountain Power division for all your industrial battery and equipment requirements.


A forklift battery is a rechargeable battery specifically designed to power electric forklifts and other material handling equipment. Forklifts are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities to lift and move heavy loads.

The forklift battery provides the electrical energy needed to power the electric motor of the forklift. These batteries are typically large and heavy, as they need to store a significant amount of energy to support the demanding tasks of lifting and moving heavy loads throughout the day.


Maintaining and properly charging forklift batteries is essential to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the forklifts. Regular maintenance, including proper watering (for lead-acid batteries), charging, and monitoring, is crucial to extend the life of the battery and optimize the performance of the forklift.

On the service side, we offer standard battery repair, along with comprehensive testing, refurbishing and rebuilding. Our service team also performs OSHA compliance checks, battery and charger inspections, on-site battery washes, battery room layout and installation, and much more.  

If you have industrial batteries, Welch’s Mountain Power division is the perfect partner for all of your battery needs.  Give us a call today!

Mountain Power, the energy solutions provider from Welch Equipment, safeguards your daily operations by ensuring the protection of your equipment’s most crucial asset — energy. With MountainPower by your side, power concerns will never impede your progress.

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