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Welch Equipment’s Mountain Power division is a full service industrial battery, charger and handling equipment supplier.

We sell, lease and service batteries and battery equipment. Besides lift trucks, we also supply and service batteries and accessories for UPS systems, data centers, personnel carriers, aerial lifts, and many other industrial uses.  

Whether you just need a lift truck battery serviced, or need a complete state-of-the-art battery room for your facility, we have expert technicians and a battery engineering team at your disposal.  Whatever you need–chargers, watering systems, stands, hoists, beams, carriages, extractors, safety equipment–we have you covered!  

On the service side, we offer standard battery repair, along with comprehensive testing, refurbishing and rebuilding. Our service team also performs OSHA compliance checks, battery and charger inspections, on-site battery washes, battery room layout and installation, and much more.  

If you have industrial batteries, Welch’s Mountain Power division is the perfect partner for all of your battery needs.  Give us a call today!

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Mountain Power is a full service industrial battery service and charger company headquartered in Denver, Colorado and servicing the Rocky Mountain region. We sell, lease and service batteries and battery equipment for lift trucks, UPS systems, data centers, personnel carriers, aerial lifts, and many other industrial uses.

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HAWKER Environmental Leader

HAWKER® is the environmental leader in the lead-acid battery industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility features the latest technology in water treatment, air pollution control devices, and a revolutionary formation room equipped with a ventilation system that protects employees and the environment from harmful acid fumes. Our plant is a Greenfield site that was constructed solely as a motive power plant with the environment as our priority. At HAWKER, we believe in promoting and protecting the health and safety of our employees; as well as the environment. Our environmentally-safe, state-of-the-art control equipment operates in the 99.997% efficiency range and exceeds all known and anticipated EPA and OSHA regulations. We have installed special acid-resistant floors, ventilation systems, lead dust and acid fume filtration systems, as well as a water purification system. HAWKER goes the extra step not only to protect, but also to live in harmony with the environment. Consider our cradle-to-grave approach to meeting your battery needs. With HAWKER’s ENVIROLINK™ Recycling Program, we manufacture your batteries in an environmentally-responsible manner, and we reclaim your spent lead-acid batteries so they can be recycled and reused

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