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Welch Equipment’s Allied / Systems Division offers decades of experience in warehouse layout and design.  Whether you need to design a system from the ground up or re-engineer your existing system, our dedicated solutions team performs:

  • Comprehensive integration services
  • CAD engineering
  • Equipment sales and installation
  • Post-implementation services

All of our solutions include full operational analysis and systems engineering. This includes planning, design, installation, project management and user training.

Storage Solutions Designed for Every Warehouse.

Optimize Space, Improve Efficiency, and Enhance Inventory Management

Warehouse layout and storage systems can help ensure ongoing efficiency and adaptability to changing requirements.

Let us help your business maximize storage space, throughput, improve safety and ultimately drive business growth. Welch offers comprehensive warehouse design services. Trust Welch’s Allied / Systems Division for all warehouse logistics, efficiency and design needs, including:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Maximizing storage density
  • Recovering floor space to facilitate growth
  • Incorporating automation into your workflow
  • Tightening inventory control
  • Handling time sensitive inventory – FIFO, LIFO, etc.

Ultimately, we deliver a cost effective distribution center and warehouse operation that will help you manage excess inventory, reduce cluttered aisles and minimize lost or damaged product.

Our goal is to earn valued customer partnerships by providing superior, cost-effective material handling solutions that create customer competitive advantages.


Visit Welch’s Allied/Millwright divisions full page to learn more about our capabilities. 

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