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Pallet shuttles are automated, stand-alone, high-density pallet storage systems that use self-propelled shuttle carts to move pallets back and forth in a racking lane. Shuttles travel along tracks inside a storage lane, powered by onboard electric motors.

A forklift places pallets in the first slot in a lane, and a shuttle cart transports the load to the farthest available slot in the rack until the lane is completely loaded. When pulling pallets, the shuttle cart collects unit loads from their current location and transports them to the rack face, where a forklift retrieves them.

Pallet shuttle installations are ideal for high-volume warehouses because they allow workers to store and collect pallets automatically using a truck-mounted transmitter or integration with a warehouse management system.

Increase The Storage Density Of Your Warehouse

Deep lane AS/RS systems provide significant benefits to warehouse operators by providing additional storage capacity within their buildings. Because fewer forklift aisles are required, reclaimed aisle space can be used for storage. Shuttles use carriage-mounted sensors to deposit unit loads as close together as possible, maximizing storage space inside each lane. Shuttles require very little clearance between levels, so vertical storage capacity is also increased.

Boost Warehouse Productivity And Safety

Shuttle systems provide more than just increased capacity. Because forklift operators reduce their travel to individual aisles, each pallet is loaded or retrieved from a single rack face, adding tremendous efficiency.  This reduces typical loading and unloading times significantly. As a result, a smaller forklift fleet can be used, and labor costs can be reduced because fewer workers are needed.

In addition, you reduce your risk of forklift accidents by reducing forklift travel. Fewer forklift trips mean fewer forklifts and racks are damaged, less product is lost, and there are fewer safety incidents or injuries.

Raymond Radioshuttle

One of the most advanced pallet shuttle options available is Raymond’s Radioshuttle. Radioshuttle, the industry’s first pallet shuttle solution, boasts industry-leading shuttle speeds and a battery life of 8-14 hours, depending on system design. Radioshuttle automation systems are also extremely dependable and long-lasting—some systems installed in the 1990s are still in use today!

Weights of up to 3,900 pounds can be handled by Radioshuttle units. Radioshuttle is also an excellent choice for extreme conditions or cold storage applications. The equipment performs flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -22 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pallet Runner Systems Near Me

Contact Welch Equipment today if you’re looking into warehouse automation technologies or just want to learn more about how pallet shuttles can help your warehouse generate a quick and meaningful return on investment. Our warehouse engineering experts will gladly answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

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