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A pallet shuttle is an automated, independent, high density pallet storage system that uses self-powered shuttle carts to move pallets toward the back or front in a racking lane. Shuttles are motorized and travel along rails within a storage lane.

When storing products, a lift truck deposits pallets in the foremost slot in a lane and the carriage transports the pallet back to the furthest unused position in the rack until the lane is fully loaded. When removing products, individual units are picked up from their slot and carried to the front to be selected by a lift truck.

Pallet shuttle installations are well suited to high turnover warehouses and enable workers to continuously store and retrieve pallets either through a truck mounted remote control or integration with a WMS.

Maximize Warehouse Storage Density

Warehouse operators gain considerable benefits from deep lane AS/RS systems through improved storage density inside their buildings. Not as many forklift aisles are required, therefore a good portion of that corridor space can be converted to storage. Carriage mounted sensors permit pallet shuttles to place pallets as close together as possible, optimizing storage capacity within each channel. Furthermore, with a shuttle, minimal clearance is required between levels allowing more vertical storage as well.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Safety

There are more benefits to shuttle systems than just added capacity. Operational efficiency increases dramatically because forklifts are no longer required to drive to specific aisles–every unit is loaded or retrieved from a primary interface. This greatly lowers typical loading and unloading times. As a result, it can reduce the number of forklifts required, and more to the point, greatly reduce labor expenses because not as many workers are necessary.

When you reduce the number of forklifts driving up and down aisles, you also lower your exposure to accidents. Fewer lift truck hours mean a reduction in damaged forklifts and racks, a decrease in product loss and fewer safety incidents or injuries.

Welch Radioshuttle

Welch’s Radioshuttle solution is among the most advanced pallet shuttle options on the market today. As the inventor of pallet shuttle systems nearly three decades ago, Radioshuttle offers industry leading shuttle speeds and a battery recharge interval of 8-14 hours, depending on system setup. Radioshuttle automation systems are also incredibly dependable and sturdy—some units installed as far back as 1990 are still operating today!

Radioshuttle units accommodate weights of up to 3,900 pounds. And for extreme conditions or cold storage applications, Radioshuttle is an excellent choice. Even in environments from -22 to +104 degrees, the shuttles continue to function reliably.

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