Welch Newsletter Edition #2: March 2023

Halfway through 6 more weeks of winter...

Well it seems Phil the groundhog was spot on with his prediction this year. At least the skiers aren’t complaining.

Hope everyone’s doing great! There was an awesome response to last month’s newsletter, and we hope to see everyone continue to participate and share.

Fundraiser for Tony Lighthizer's family.

Firstly, a short announcement and fundraiser. Tony’s niece Lexi and her uncle Rick were involved in a serious car accident on 2/21.

Please visit the link below for updates, and to donate or plan a meal for the families.

Some updates out of New Mexico!

Congrats to Rudy Sanchez and Kevin Adams who recently went to Combi training!

Nick Havenga is also sponsoring youth rugby in Albuquerque. Registration for 2023 is open now.

Click the link below for more info or to become a sponsor!

Babies on the way!

From Denver, Leah Pearson will be having a baby boy in August!

As well as Nick Reynolds and his wife are also expecting that month!

Major kudos to our technicians Salvador Unale & Juan Arriaga!
Some customer testimonials below:

“Everything I have asked for and needed from Sal has gotten taken care of! If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he always gets back to me with the answer promptly. Just want to let you know he’s doing a great job!”

“I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback for our service tech, Juan. He has had great customer service and is always a friendly presence. He is super responsive and all around great to work with.”

As well as some raving reviews for Rusbel Conteras & Chad Byrne!

“Rusbel Conteras did an excellent job on tearing the pallet jack apart and replacing the cylinder in good time. I really appreciate his experience and professionalism. Hire more techs like Rusbel!”

“I just want to say how blown away I am at what you guys did to this thing (used sale). It is absolutely awesome how new it looks. Please let your staff know what an incredible job they did! My guys are like… I thought you bought a use one?”

Another shameless social media plug:

New hires from last month! (All from CO this time)

And congrats Joseph Ringer on 15 years at Welch!

As well as Auvaa Safaatoa and Oliver Matthew for 10 years!

Happy Birthday to all the March people!

Thanks for tuning into this month's newsletter! Please reach out to marketing with any updates, questions or concerns. Have a great month y'all!

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