Mezzanine Systems

In today’s world, warehouse space comes at an all-time premium.  Storage costs have been rising steeply for the several years and there is no end in sight.  Expanding your warehouse upward with a mezzanine system can provide you with extra storage capacity and work space at a fraction of the cost of adding another facility.   

Mezzanines can be installed in new or existing facilities. They are customized for each facility, and they’re designed to meet all local code and OSHA safety requirements. They are bolted together, meaning that they can be easily reconfigured, moved or dismantled if necessary. 

From a financial perspective, mezzanines are ideal. They are much less costly than an additional facility, and they require very little additional expenditure for climate control and lighting in your existing building.  From a tax perspective, they can leverage a 7 year capital depreciation rather than the 39 years it takes to depreciate a permanent structure.  

Welch Equipment’s Allied / Systems Division can help you with mezzanine design, permitting, installation and fabrication. Give us a call today!


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