Industrial Storage

Quick-access, small packet storage requires sturdy, reliable shelving that can be easily configured and re-configured as your needs change.  Our boltless shelving options are perfect for hand stacked applications in warehouse, industrial and office environments.

For heavier loads of hand stacked items, wide span shelving is ideal for storing smaller stocks of variable products for person-to-goods picking configurations. Combined with with stairs and elevated walkways, wide span shelving can be stacked in multi-level configurations, taking full advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse. 

For manual part, component and small item picking, we offer a range of bin systems in various materials and sizes.  

Welch Equipment’s Allied / Systems Division can help you with industrial shelving layout, integration with your existing systems, installation and fabrication. Give us a call today!


Maximize your warehouse utilization and efficiency with modern storage.

Maximum Density,
Greater Efficiency

Squeeze every last cubic foot out of your warehouse with our storage solutions.
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Expand upward in your warehouse and "use the cube" with mezzanine systems.

You Have Nowhere
To Go But Up!

Take advantage of ALL the cubic space in your warehouse buy expanding skyward.
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You can count on Welch Equipment's Allied / Systems Division for all of your industrial shelving supply needs. We carry industrial storage systems for all applications, no matter what size or type of facility you are equipping.

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