COVID-19 Workplace Safety Products


As businesses begin to reopen and employees head back to work, safety and health has become a top priority. The workplace might look a little different than before, with additional social distancing and safety measures being put in place. We are able to provide an array of safety products to help prevent the spread of germs and COVID-19. Learn more about different options below.

Protective Barriers

Implementing protective barriers such as Personal Safety Partitions and Social Distancing Dividers is an easy way to separate areas of close contact between individuals. Dividers and barriers quickly create separate workspaces without interrupting your work processes. They help shield against airborne contaminants, have a minimally intrusive design, are easy to clean and safe to use, and are quickly shipped and easy to install.

BOSTONtec Protective Barriers

Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions

StrongHold Industrial Partitions

Rousseau Protective Screens

RED Personnel Partitions

Driver & Building Access Cages

With additional safety protocols in place, many businesses may be limiting visitors coming and going from their facility. Driver and Building Access Cages are a simple, cost effective way of controlling access to your warehouse. These cages are also helpful in preventing visitors from walking into an area with active forklift trucks, which could also result in injury.

WireCrafters Driver & Building Access Cages

Storage Solutions

With an increase in safety and health supplies, you may find yourself in need of more storage. This could include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Storage, Sanitizer Storage, Stationary Supply Storage, Bedside Storage, or even Laboratory Work Stations.

Lista Covid-19 Storage Solutions

Metro Morgue Storage Rack

Metro PPE Accessories

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) can be very beneficial for businesses during these times. A worker is able to stand at the machine and retrieve all parts needed without walking around the floor and passing by other workers. In addition to social distancing benefits, VLMs guarantee the same efficiency and productivity with fewer personnel. This is especially helpful if your business is experiencing staffing shortfalls and reorganized shifts.

Modula Vertical Lift Module


If you are in need of COVID-19 safety products for your office or warehouse, our team can help figure out the best solution for you. Contact us for more information!

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